ahmak Farms and Agro Allied Ltd (AFL) was conceived to contribute its own quota to the food security of Nigeria. AFL is involved in an array of farming and agro allied activities and across the full vale chain. Some of these include:

  • Apitipiti Fisheries Ltd – This is a fish farm based in the city of Oyo in Oyo State in south-west Nigeria and considered to be one of the leading aquaculture companies in West Africa. Market ready catfish and Tilapia are also produced on our farms.

  • Cashew Farms – Set on over 400 Hectares of land, AFL’s Cashew plantation located in Isheyin, Oyo state is primarily billed for export.

  • Cattle Farm – We are involved in cattle breeding and fattening. Also at the farm, local breeds with high breeding potential inseminated with exotic bull sperm to produce quality progenies. We are also involved in milk production through enhanced reproduction performance and breeding practices with increased production capacity to contribute to the animal protein value chain. The farm also has HACCP compliant slaughter houses which operate on standard GMP codes supervised by qualified food safety auditors.